Hot & Cold Blended Beverages

Bella’s Proprietary (Hot & Cold) Beverages


Frozen Oreo Cookie Lover’s
Yea, you know you like Oreo Cookies and ice cream, but wait until you taste this!

Supreme Smoothies
Bella’s real fruit recipe blended into a frozen drink that’s unimaginably delicious: Available flavors: Pina Colada
Mixed Berries Raspberry
Mango $6.95

Iced Coffee

Flavored Syrup ($1.00 extra)

(Regular Decaf) ($3.95)

Blended (Frozen) Hot Cocoa

Frozen Vanilla, Chai & Coffee Extravaganza
Bella’s proprietary blend of coffee, chai and vanilla, that’s rich, creamy, sweet and incredibly delicious!

Frozen Mocha Latte
Bella’s secret blend that has quickly become a favorite amongst our guests! (Regular or Decaf)

Frozen Vanilla Cappuccino
(Regular or Decaf)

Frozen Vanilla Lover’s Chai Tea
Can you say sweet? Our proprietary blend of chai & vanilla, that’s yummy!


Hot Vanilla, Chai & Coffee Extravaganza
You guessed it, this is the HOT version of the cold one!

Hot Mocha Latte
(Regular or Decaf)

Hot Vanilla or Caramel Latte
(Regular or Decaf)

Hot Vanilla Lover’s Chai Tea
Right again, this is the HOT version of the cold one!

(Regular or Decaf)

Espresso ($3.00) Double Shot ($4.00) (Regular or Decaf)

Affogato Espresso
A double shot of Espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Often referred to as an Italian miracle!)

Hot Cocoa
A large mug of our delicious proprietary blend.

(Regular or Decaf)

Assorted Tea Pots
Choose from a variety of specialty teas, steeped in your own individual tea pot.

SODA, JUICE & MILK Adult Size ($2.95) Children’s Size ($.99)

BOTTLED WATERS San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water ($3.50) Regular Bottled ($1.50)


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